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A little about us: we are a team of individuals who are passionate about rescuing and rehoming German Shepherd dogs. German Shepherd Rescue Victoria Inc. is a registered charity consisting of a passionate group of people dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming of German Shepherds. We are a not for profit organisation consisting solely of volunteers who donate their time and energy to the cause.

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In 18 months we’ve helped over 280 German Shepherds find their forever home. That’s just under 4 dogs a week that come through our doors.

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Come meet the GSRV team between Friday 29th April – Sunday May 1 at the 2016 Dog Lovers Show.

9am – 5pm daily
Royal Exhibition Building
5 Nicholson Street
Carlton, VIC, 3053


GSRV started because of a beautiful little lady called Georgie Girl.

Her background is largely unknown and, as with many rescue dogs, her troubles only revealed themselves when she landed in the care of GSRV President Ange. Adopted through GSD’s In Need, Ange was warned that Georgie was a hard case; unsocialised, untrained and dog reactive. She was terrified of the outside world and would bark and crocodile roll aggressively at almost anything – cars, motorcycles, other dogs, kids, adults … the works. There was much work that needed to be done. So Ange and Georgie worked and trained 24/7.

Despite the terrors she had been through, in just two months, this gorgeous girl was rehabilitated into the perfect dog. Many tears were shed when she would reach a milestone – often in the middle of the street. Georgie tried so hard and worked tirelessly and she made it! Ange always says the process humbled her as a human being.

Now at a healthy 32kg, Georgie is perfect with everyone and every dog. She is why GSRV exists. Ange knew that if Georgie could do it then so could so many others – if only they were given the chance. So, the decision was made to create that chance and German Shepherd Rescue Victoria was founded.

What others say about us

Ashleigh Matthews

Just wanted to send some pictures through of how well Sarge (now Taj) is settling in!

My kids adore him and my husband is smitten!

Taj sleeps beside my bed, has had no accidents inside, sits, drops etc. He is so perfect, we are so in love, my family is complete!

Ashleigh MatthewsNew adopters of Sarge (now Taj)
Lachlan Walker

Jax is doing extremely well! I’m absolutely blown away by his temperament, he is so gentle and well behaved and has an awesome personality! He’s absolutely fantastic on his lead too! Had his first encounter with another dog walking around the lake today (another big male German shepherd) and he sat straight away when I asked him to and let the other dog walk straight past without even flinching. He’s wonderful!

Lachlan WalkerJax’s adopter
Joan & Peter Lynch

Striker has taken a giant leap from bubbles to a tennis ball. We desperately love this boy and can’t wait to move from fostering to adoption ASAP.

We really appreciate the great work you guys do, particularly in perfect-matching us up with Striker. The last few weeks have been such an adventure:

  • Striker locking himself in our tiny toilet while I’m driving the streets searching for him
  • trying vainly to teach him how to exit via the doggie door (the only door in the house he can’t open)!
  • wiping his ‘bloody’ nose after first meeting Tamara, our not so gentle Siamese
Joan & Peter LynchProud foster-to-adopter owners of Striker
Julie Bearman

Sarsha’s here. And she’s Devine. We love her already! Had her down on a leash with the chooks already and so far so good. Don’t think she’s house trained so that’s going to be fun! She’s already booked into the groomers tomorrow so will be looking more beautiful soon. Thank you so much for letting us love her and take care of her!

Julie BearmanSarsha’s adopter