Beautiful Big boy Aries is 3 years old and has had a tough start to life. Aries owner found themselves homeless, they tried to care for Aries for as long as possible but soon surrendered him to the shelter so that he could receive the care he needed.

Aries is extremely thin and has been spending time in foster care to put on some weight and help bring him out of his shell. Aries has had his entire world turned upside down and is a very confused boy that is unsure and lacking confidence in new situations. Aries has bonded well with his foster carer and is extremely affectionate and loving towards him, however he can still be a little unsure when visitors come to the house.

Aries will need a quiet home with someone willing to work on slow introductions to new people, ensuring he learns he is safe and has nothing to worry about, Aries is much better meeting people out in public, going on walks with friends will help to build his confidence.
Aries needs to go to a home where everyone is over the age of 18, and where everyone has experience with German Shepherds. Aries new owner will need to have experience handling reactive German Shepherds and be willing to work with him long-term.

Aries is conflicted around other dogs, in the shelter he was ok with some dogs and has previously lived with another dog, however in foster care, Aries has been reactive to other dogs and will bark and lunge when he sees them out on a walk. For now, Aries needs to be the only dog in his new home, he will need to work on his social skills and manners slowly in a controlled environment such as a dog training facility.
Aries is not suited to a home with cats or other small pocket pets.

Aries loves to play, he becomes quite puppy-like at times and will run around squeaking his toys having the time of his life. Aries also loves to settle down at the end of the night and snooze by your feet, he is well behaved inside and will always greet you with a wagging tail and smile on his face.

After losing his home and then his owner, Aries needs a loving, stable home willing to commit to working with him through his fear and lack of confidence. Aries will pay his new owner back for their dedication with endless love and friendship, he is a wonderful companion.

  • Age: 3 years 0 months.
  • Sex: Male
  • Microchip Number: 953101003853171
  • Adoption Fee: $600
  • Pet Exchange Register Number: RE146569
  • Good with Kids?: No
  • Good with Dogs?: No
  • Good with Cats?: Unknown
  • Good with Livestock?: Unknown