Our sweet little Bunny is almost 2 years old and is finally ready to find her forever home. Bunny was rescued from a hoarding situation and had never had human contact, she has spent the last 5 months in foster care learning about the outside world and to trust humans, she is now ready to share her love with a new family.

Bunny can be a little shy at times, once she warms up and knows she is safe, she is a complete snuggle bunny who just loves to cuddle and receive all the pats and chest rubs. Bunny likes affection on her terms, slow movements will have her trusting you in no time, she will nuzzle your hand for more pats when you stop.

Bunny has adapted well to living inside, she will happily sleep in a crate but would much prefer the couch or your bed, snuggling into the crook of your legs. Bunny is a good girl inside most of the time, there is an occasional exploding toy, however she does not touch or steal things that don’t belong to her.

Bunny would prefer a quiet home without children, she enjoys meeting guests inside, so long as they are respectful to interact on her terms. Bunny loves to play and be tickled / have a finger rocket slowly missile and explode on her tummy, she gets super excited to play with people, watching her face light up and tail wag like crazy has been a highlight in foster care for a dog who initially didn’t want to be touched.

Bunny LOVES other dogs; in fact, she depends on them and has formed a strong bond with her foster brothers. Bunny must live with at least 1 Large breed male dog in her new home. Bunny likes to wrestle and play rough, however is great at reading other dog’s cues and adjusts her approach to suit. Bunny loves to cuddle up with other dogs and share her toys and food, she really adores them. Bunny gets stressed when she is separated from her foster brother and no humans are home, she will try to escape to go looking for him, she can jump very high. Bunny is fine being left home alone with her doggy siblings and will cope with them leaving if she has a human home with her.
Bunny has not been tested with cats or other small pets.

Bunny had never been exposed to the outside world before arriving in GSRV foster care, initially she wouldn’t walk on a lead and she would freak out if you touched her collar. Bunny now loves going for walks and gets very over-excited. Bunny can be reactive towards other dogs out on walks, she is in no way aggressive, just hasn’t yet learned to contain her excitement and is over aroused.

Bunny is cautious taking treats, when she was initially seized and caught on the property, then placed in the shelter, she associated people giving her treats with trying to contain her. Bunny now will take treats from your hand, however, is suspicious if you try to do anything to her, including luring treats over her head to sit. Because of this, she is still working on her basic commands, earning her trust has been our focus. Bunny responds to her name and cues such as No, outside and leave it – she is a clever girl and we know that overtime, she will learn treats and training are not a trick to catch her. Bunny has associated sitting with asking for pats and attention.

Bunny loves to run around chasing other dogs and is a little pocket rocket, barking in excitement when it is time to play fetch, she will need regular exercise and mental stimulation in her new home to ensure she remains a good girl. Once Bunny has had a play, she will happily sleep on her bed by the tv and settles inside beautifully.
Our darling girl has come so far in the last 5 months, she is a snuggly, happy-go-lucky dog that despite all she has been through, loves to love. Bunny would love to join your pack with a doggy brother or two and will fit herself into their dynamic, forcing them to cuddle.

  • Age: 1 year 11 months.
  • Sex: Female
  • Microchip Number: 953010100080981
  • Adoption Fee: $600
  • Pet Exchange Register Number: RE146569
  • Good with Kids?: No
  • Good with Dogs?: Yes
  • Good with Cats?: Unknown
  • Good with Livestock?: Unknown