Zane is a 4.5 year old German Shepherd who is looking for a special person to welcome him into their home.

Zane suffers from hip dysplasia and will be joining our “Forever Foster” program. This means we will search for a forever family for Zane who will provide him the love and care he needs, whilst GSRV supports and manages his hip dysplasia. Zane is currently medically managed with Cartrophen injections to keep him comfortable.

Zane still gets around well and enjoys his walks. Zane mostly walks well on the lead and ignores other dogs at a distance. When other dogs come up close to Zane, he becomes very overwhelmed and unsure and will lash out when he is feeling uncomfortable. Zane has been ok meeting some dogs but others he just does not like, he particularly doesn't like small fluffy dogs and is best kept away from other animals for now.

Zane is extremely food motivated and loves to learn, he knows his basic commands plus an extra few tricks and likes to show off when treats are on offer. Zane would enjoy doing further training to keep his quick mind busy. Zane can be a very chilled out boy but he also likes to get into mischief when given the opportunity... Zane needs clear boundaries in his new home and will need physical and mental stimulation to keep him from getting into things he shouldn't, he is very cheeky!
Zane would be suited to a home where everyone is at least over the age of 10. Zane has recently lived the life of luxury inside, he must be allowed inside in his new home and be included in daily activities with his new family.

Zane is a very goofy, cheeky boy who oozes personality, with consistent boundaries and plenty of enrichment, he will make the most amazing companion.

  • Age: 5 years 2 months.
  • Sex: Male
  • Microchip Number: 953010001293607
  • Adoption Fee: $300
  • Pet Exchange Register Number: RE146569
  • Good with Kids?: Over 12
  • Good with Dogs?: No
  • Good with Cats?: No
  • Good with Livestock?: Unknown