Charlie is 9 months old and is full of enthusiasm and energy! Charlie is a big friendly puppy who greets everyone by bounding into them and covering them with kisses, he is looking for a home that can shower him with affection whilst also putting in some much-needed boundaries.

Charlie likes to jump up, when he is over-aroused or unsure, he will jump up on his humans for attention and can become a little erratic. Charlie is a typical teenager that is currently being told no for the first time in his life in foster care, he can be a bit of a brat at times and will mouth quite hard when he doesn’t get his way. Charlie will need an experienced handler that will not let him get away with things, he needs to learn rules and boundaries and will need a consistent approach to training from all members of the household. Until Charlie has learned his manners, it is best he is not placed into a family with children under the age of 12 years old.

Charlie is very clever and loves to learn, he is extremely food motivated and loves playing with his toys; he would thrive attending group obedience sessions to fine-tune his skills and to practise his focus around distractions. Charlie is spending time indoors for the first time and is loving having a big fluffy bed inside in the warm, Charlie loves being with his people and will need to be allowed inside with his new family when it is time to relax.

Charlie has previously socialised with other dogs when he was younger and enjoyed their company, Charlie may be able to live with another large breed dog pending a meet and greet, the other dog would need to be friendly and happy to play with Charlie but also confident enough to tell him off and put him in his place.
Charlie has previously lived with a cat however has not had much exposure to it in recent months, if given the opportunity Charlie will chase cats and be quite rough with them. Any introductions to cats in his new home would need to be taken extremely slowly and permanent separation may be necessary.

Charlie has been diagnosed with Mild hip dysplasia; after an appointment at the specialist vet, it has been determined Charlie doesn’t currently require any medical intervention for this. There is a chance that Charlie may develop arthritis in the future, this would need to be considered by a potential forever family. Charlie will need to be kept on high-quality dog food and given regular exercise to keep him lean and healthy.

  • Age: 10 months.
  • Sex: Male
  • Microchip Number: 956000011394761
  • Adoption Fee: $700
  • Pet Exchange Register Number: RE146569
  • Good with Kids?: Over 12
  • Good with Dogs?: Yes
  • Good with Cats?: Selective
  • Good with Livestock?: Unknown