King is 3.5 years old and has not had the best start to life, he has been used as a breeding dog his entire life, confined to a dirt and concrete yard with little exposure to the outside world. With the help of our friends at Australian Animal Protection Society, King was recently rescued along with 2 others dogs from a property and is now safe, King is not coping in the shelter and is desperate for someone to take him in and show him the love, patience and support he has never been given.

King is a boisterous boy that loves to play and have fun, when he is overstimulated and stressed, King will jump up and mouth, he becomes erratic and needs to practise calm behaviour and focus techniques. King is not suited to a home with children under the age of 12 years, he is also not suited to a first time German Shepherd owner and will need someone with the experience and confidence to handle a big, boisterous boy.

When King is calm, he is extremely affectionate and smoochy with everyone he meets, leaning into human's legs for a cuddle, he has shown us a much calmer side since being in the shelter and is quite confident. King loves to follow his people around everywhere and is a typical German Shadow trying to 'help' wherever he can. King is a loyal boy who bonds quickly with new people and would love someone to call his very own that he can play with and go on adventures with.

King has not been walked much on lead and needs to work on his leash skills; he pulls hard and gets overstimulated when out for a walk, he needs a physically capable owner that will commit to taking King to obedience classes so that he can learn the necessary skill of walking nicely on lead and can start enjoying his walks. King does know his basic command and enjoys working for treats, he would thrive attending professional training so that he can fine-tune his manners and socialisation.

King has always lived with another dog, however he can become silly when other dogs are around and struggles to focus, King is much better one-on-one and his listening skills improve drastically when no other dogs are around. King has had limited socialisation with other dogs outside of his property, he does bark and pull towards other dogs when he sees them so will need to take meeting dogs slowly, he can be a little dominant at times and is very unsure how to behave, he will need to work on his social skills with a trainer in a controlled environment. For now, King must be the only pet in his new home.

King is a project dog, he has little manners and socialisation but has a heart of gold and just wants to be loved. King is currently in the shelter and desperately needs to get out and begin his future with his forever person that can help him to reach his full potential and become the good boy we know he can be.

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