Lassie is almost 6 years old and has found herself in need of a forever home after having her world turned upside down. Lassie had been cared for by an older couple who unfortunately had to surrender her to the pound due to a debilitating disease taking over their lives, all involved were devastated at the time of goodbye, tears were shed by everyone including the pound staff due to this heart-breaking situation. When Lassie became shutdown and terrified in the pound, we were contacted to help, to try to heal her broken heart, how could we say no?

Lassie has been spending time in foster care the last few weeks, and whilst she is coming out of her shell more and more each day, it has become clear that her grief and ability to heal, is going to be a long-term process, we want to move her into a forever home sooner rather than later so that she isn’t again grieving her foster home that she has come to love. Lassie needs someone understanding who will commit to helping her settle in and feel at home once again.

Whilst Lassie’s family battled illness over the past few years, they unfortunately couldn’t expose Lassie much to the outside world, this coupled with Lassie moving away from the only home she has ever known, has left her feeling very unsure and nervous about the world around her. Lassie gets anxious in new situations and needs a patient, understanding owner that will help her navigate the world at her own pace and to reassure her when she is feeling unsure or overwhelmed.

Lassie can be a little tentative when she first meets new people, giving them a big German Shepherd bark, Lassie is quickly won over just by talking to her and letting her know she is ok, but of course treats as bribery helps speed the process along. Once Lassie knows she is safe, she gets very excited by visitors, zooming around the house and jumping up on the couch for a cuddle. Once you have gained Lassie’s trust, she is extremely affectionate and cuddly, leaning in for cuddles and following you everywhere around the house, she is a true German Shadow.

Lassie would suit a quieter home with someone home often, she will thrive with a predictable routine and must be allowed inside and included as part of the family. Lassie would be best suited to a home with children over 10 years old, she has limited experience with children and would prefer a slower, quieter lifestyle – visiting grandchildren would be ok so long as Lassie has a safe place to escape to if needed.

Lassie is conflicted around other dogs, she will bark and pull towards them in excitement, but gets overwhelmed when she comes face to face with them and panics. Lassie will need slow exposure to other dogs, she isn’t comfortable greeting others just yet and will need to keep her distance and work on her confidence around them. Lassie will need to be the only dog in her new home, she has not been tested with cats or other small pets.

Our sweet girl has had a tough time lately, her heart is broken, and she is very confused about why she had to leave her family. Lassie needs a new loving forever home, that can take things slow and continue to help her heal and find joy again with her forever family. Lassie is as loyal as they come and will repay the love she receives ten-fold.

  • Age: 5 years 11 months.
  • Sex: Female
  • Microchip Number: 956000009559307
  • Adoption Fee: $600
  • Pet Exchange Register Number: RE146569
  • Good with Kids?: Over 12
  • Good with Dogs?: No
  • Good with Cats?: Unknown
  • Good with Livestock?: Unknown