Gigi, our bouncy little kangaroo, well not really, she is a beautiful 18-month-old German Shepherd who is looking for her forever home.

Gigi is the happiest, most adorable little girl you will ever meet, this girl is full of life and is always ready to bounce into her next adventure. Gigi is a little pocket rocket that can often be seen doing zoomies with her tongue hanging out the side or with a big smile on her face, this girl oozes personality and her main aim in life is to have fun!

Gigi is very friendly; she will jump up to meet new people and doesn’t quite realise her own strength when saying hello. Gigi is very affectionate; she enjoys a pat and a cuddle and will lean into you for more before giving you sneaky kisses all over. Gigi needs to learn to keep all 4 paws on the floor, she will need reminding of her manners, and consistent rules and boundaries to help her learn how to appropriately greet people. Gigi is not suited to living with anyone who may be frail, she would also knock over small children and is best suited to a home where everyone is over the age of 8.

Gigi has plenty of energy to burn and can be quite boisterous at times, she will need daily exercise, but more importantly she will need mental stimulation through enrichment games, puzzle solving, and small training sessions. Gigi is food motivated and knows her basic commands, she needs to work on her focus under distractions and her impulse control with her new owners, Gigi is strong on lead and will need to work on her leash manners.

Gigi has been diagnosed with Gracilis Contracture – a rare condition found in German Shepherds where the muscles in the back legs are deformed due to previous trauma or overactivity. As a result, Gigi has a very strange gait, her legs criss-cross over each other and she can be a little unstable on her feet. Luckily this condition is pain-free and therefore Gigi does not let this stop her in the slightest. There is no treatment for Gracilis Contracture, Gigi can live a fairly normal, albeit wobbly life.

Gigi LOVES other dogs, she likes to play and play hard, bopping other dogs with her paws or bouncing off and around them to entice them to play. Gigi would love to live with a male dog in her new home, the other dog would need to be very tolerant, confident enough to give Gigi boundaries and also up for a rough play from time to time to match Gigi’s play style. Gigi would also be happy as the only dog in her new home but would need someone home often if this is the case.
Gigi has not been tested with cats or other small pets, she is not an aggressive dog, but very boisterous and a typical teenager, we think she would be very rough with small pets initially.

Gigi would love to be included in family adventures; road trips to the park and beach, visits to the local café for a Puppacino and spending time with her humans will keep this girl happy, she just wants to be involved. Gigi would love a warm bed inside to snuggle in, however we can’t make any guarantees that she won’t try to sneak into the human’s bed for a cuddle!

  • Age: 1 year 6 months.
  • Sex: Female
  • Microchip Number: 978142000027546
  • Adoption Fee: $600
  • Pet Exchange Register Number: RE146569
  • Good with Kids?: Over 12
  • Good with Dogs?: Yes
  • Good with Cats?: Unknown
  • Good with Livestock?: Unknown