Our Mission

German Shepherd Rescue Victoria Inc. is a registered charity made up of a committee of experienced people who are passionate about the rescuing and rehoming of our beloved GSDs, to loving forever homes. We are a not for profit organisation made up solely of volunteers who donate their time and energy to our cause.

Our mission is to use all our available resources to rescue and rehome as many GSDs as we possibly can within Victoria. We aim to save dogs from being euthanised, abandoned or neglected, and we are committed to ensuring they are rehomed to safe and loving homes. Along with our core objectives, we are also committed to supporting the public with advice, referrals and education.

How do we do this?

Through a network of volunteers made up of transporters, foster carers, dog trainers/behaviourists, administrators, fundraisers and donators who all work together to make this happen.

Where do we get our dogs from?

Our dogs come from a variety of sources such as: GSDs who have found themselves in pounds or shelters, and via referrals from other rescues and owners wishing to surrender their dog for many different reasons.


Once first contact has been made, we organise for a behavioural and health assessment to be completed by one of our trained volunteers. Following the assessment, we match the dog to a family on our waiting list, or advertise it in order to find a forever home. Ideally, we then transport the dog directly to its forever home, avoiding the need for foster care. If a dog coming into our care requires Veterinary care or behavioural support, we generally transport to an experience foster carer until such time that it is ready to go to a forever home. When in foster care, the rescue pays for all food, beds, collars, leads and Veterinary treatment.

What do we need to make this happen?

We have wonderful volunteers and foster carers to help us. Without the kindness and generosity of people, we could not do the work we do. As with all rescues, we also rely significantly on donations. The cost of Veterinary treatment is by far our greatest expense however, we also use donations to pay for food and supplies, to equip our foster carers with what they need to care for our dogs.