Sammy is a gorgeous 20-month-old boy that isn’t enjoying life much right now. Due to an unexpected change in family circumstances, Sammy has found himself outside in a small yard and he is not coping, this gorgeous boy is desperate for a new home.

Sammy is a loving boy that is craving human attention and affection, this boy thrives off of praise and pats, his eyes light up when you tell him he is a good boy, all he wants to do is please and be with his people. Sammy was always an inside dog, now that he has been shut outside, he isn’t coping; Sammy must be allowed to come inside in his new home, he has been crate trained and is toilet trained.

Sammy is still a big puppy and, doesn’t realise his size. At times, Sammy can lack impulse control and can become jumpy and mouthy, particularly when overstimulated and excited. Sammy needs to be given clear boundaries in his new home, a chaotic home with no routine would exacerbate Sammy’s lack of manners; a calm, predictable home where everyone is over the age of 12 would be most suitable for Sammy.

Sammy has not had much experience with the outside world, he has missed out on socialisation and exposure and will need a handler who can provide strong leadership to introduce Sammy to the world around him. Sammy is lacking confidence and will need to take things slow; his initial response is to bark at things he is unsure of and will make a bit of a scene on lead. Sammy needs a breed experienced owner that has experience with reactive dogs.

Sammy is keen to please his people, he has never done regular training and isn’t sure what is expected of him. Sammy knows his basic commands, but needs someone willing to invest in his training, who can motivate Sammy and teach him that learning is fun. Sammy will need a firm but fair approach to his training, consistent feedback, fun and frequent sessions will help Sammy become the good boy we know he can be. Sammy would benefit from working 1 on 1 with a trainer so that he and his new family can learn together.

Sammy is a young dog that will require plenty of physical and mental stimulation, keeping Sammy amused and his brain working will keep him happy and healthy. Sammy would love to get involved with treat puzzles, treat dispensing toys, games and other confidence building exercises.

Sammy is very unsure of other dogs; he has not been on a walk in quite some time and is nervous and lacking in confidence whenever he sees another dog. Sammy panics and will bark and lunge in sheer frustration and from being overwhelmed. Sammy will need to work up to controlling his impulses and feeling confident and secure enough not to react to other dogs, this is a long-term goal for Sammy, and will not be a quick fix. For now, Sammy is not suited to a home with another dog.

Sammy has previously lived with a cat, when given the opportunity he will chase a cat that runs, however may be able to be introduced to a confident, dog-savvy cat in his new home over time. Separation and slow integration will be necessary to ensure that everyone is comfortable and safe.

Sammy is currently experiencing some skin and gut issues that are believed to be allergy based. Due to this, he is not in great condition and will need a medical workup once in his new home. GSRV are committed to helping Sammy get his allergies under control and so that he can reach a good, healthy condition, we will be supporting his new family whilst we investigate how best to help Sammy moving forward.

Sammy is a loving boy that deserves so much better than the cards he has been dealt. Craving human affection, this boy will be your shadow, your best friend, willing to do anything he can to please you and hear his favourite words “Good Boy.” With some time, patience and someone dedicated to helping Sammy become the best version of himself, this boy will shine.

  • Age: 1 year 10 months.
  • Sex: Male
  • Microchip Number: 991003001454734
  • Adoption Fee: $600
  • Pet Exchange Register Number: RE146569
  • Good with Kids?: Over 12
  • Good with Dogs?: No
  • Good with Cats?: Selective
  • Good with Livestock?: Unknown